Saugeen Community Radio is broadcasting on 88.7

Today at 8am 22 September 2015, Saugeen Community Radio officially launched at 88.7 on the FM dial broadcasting a signal from our transmitter site just South of Mt Forest. We will continue to test the signal, but reports so far are very positive with a strong FM signal being heard over Mt Forest and North Wellington. John Tyson… Read More »

Please help Jasper

Jasper lives in Palmerston and suffers from a genetic, degenerative condition called MPS VI. We have been working with the Isaac Foundation for 4 years now, raising money and funding research into a cure for Jasper, Isaac and all others in the world who are unfortunately affected by this condition. The good news is we are getting close. … Read More »

Local Radio For Mt Forest & North Wellington Almost Here

The board of Saugeen Community Radio have been working hard to bring local community radio to Mt Forest and North Wellington. In the past few days the rigging company have been on site installing our new FM antenna system which will allow you to hear local radio at 88.7 on the FM dial. The Industry Canada inspection team… Read More »

Culture Days in Minto

It’s all free and it’s all going on in Minto in September. Here is your opportunity to create, participate and share from September 25th to the 28th. Come to the Harriston library Community Room from 7pm on Friday 25 September to learn about historical food preservation. Find out how culture and geography affects our food choices, and share… Read More »

7 Candidates file for Ward 3 seat

Mark Goetz resigned his Ward 3 seat and the end of June, and so far 7 candidates have filed papers for the November 16th  bi-election. Council has decided on a mail-in ballot for the by-election, and will use the by-election to test the mail-in ballot system as opposed to polling stations where residents would directly cast their ballot… Read More »

Expect to pay a toll on September 19th in Elora

It will cost you money to drive across the Metcalfe Street bridge on Saturday September 19th as the Elora Fire-fighters will be charing a toll and operating a operate the toll booth. But don’t worry your money will be going to a good cause, raising funds for Muscular Dystrophy. This annual “road toll” event happens Sept. 19 from 8:30am to 4pm.

Local Ambassadors do us proud at the CNE

Mount Forest Fall Fair Ambassador Ashley Ferraro and Arthur Fair Ambassador Katelyn Brown finished in the top 7 at this years CNE Ambassador of the Fairs competition. “It was incredible,” said Ferraro. “Looking around, there was over 80 different ambassadors there and you thought to yourself ‘any one of these people could be the Ambassador of the Fairs.” In… Read More »

Church broken into in Mt Forest

The OPP have issued a security reminder to property and business owners, after a series of break-ins in Mount Forest in the last week. Three businesses and a church in Mount Forest have been hit in recent days. In each case, someone forced entry to the buildings and stole small amounts of cash. Police remind business owners and residents… Read More »