Ontario will drop Bill 28 if CUPE goes back to class

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Local News

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said his government is willing to repeal controversial legislation passed last week if the Canadian Union of Public Employees ends its walkout.
Bill 28 imposed a contract on 55,000 workers represented by CUPE, and banned them from striking at the risk of millions of dollars in fines to individuals and unions.
In response, CUPE workers across the province walked off the job Friday, leaving hundreds of thousands of students out of classrooms again.
Ford said he is willing to be flexible and bring the government back to the bargaining table, but workers must first return to the classroom.
Meanwhile, the Ontario Labour Relations Board is working to decide the legality of the CUPE walkout. Closures across the Upper Grand District School Board are scheduled to begin tomorrow with secondary schools, with elementary students moving to online learning on Wednesday. The CUPE has said the work interruption would continue regardless of the Labour Board’s decision.

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