Regional municipal election results

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Local News

In Wellington North, Mayor Andy Lennox retained his seat with 1,646 votes to Dan Yake’s 1,475.
Yake’s Ward One chair will be filled by Penny Renken, who took the ward with 382 votes. Runner-up Shawn McLeod got 289, and Jeanean Mousseau got 165.
In Ward Two, incumbent Sherry Burke secured her seat with 843 votes. Challenger Menno Klunder, who had tried to withdraw from the race, got 109 votes.
Robin Ross retained her Upper Grand District School Board seat for Wellington North, Minto and Mapleton.
Ross got a total of 1,424 votes, 135 more than Natalie Breau with 1,289. Breau actually got more votes in Wellington North and Mapleton, but not by enough to erase the margin in Minto. Daniel Greer got 1,185 votes, while Daniel Kelly got 1,031.
In West Grey, Kevin Eccles will return to the Mayor’s chair after an absence, with 1834 votes. Stephen Townsend finished second with 1125, incumbent Christine Robinson was third with 999.
Incumbent Deputy Mayor Tom Hutchinson held onto his spot with 2,718 votes to Neil Attersoll’s 904.
The five council seats went to incumbents Doug Hutchinson and Geoffrey Shey, along with newcomers Joyce Nuhn, Doug Townsend, and Scott Foerster.
In Southgate, Brian Milne won the race for Mayor by 64 votes, with 911 to Michael Sherson’s 847.
Barbara Dobreen moves from her council chair to the Deputy Mayor spot with 1319 votes to Doug MacDonald’s 398.
Council will be made up of incumbents Jason Rice and Martin Shipston, along with Jim Ferguson, Joan John and Monica Singh Soares.
In Mapleton, Mayor Gregg Davidson was acclaimed. Council will include incumbents Marlene Ottens and Mike Martin, along with Amanda Reid and Martin Tamlyn. The Ward 2 County Council Seat went to Earl Campbell with 817 votes over Frank Carere with 291.
Aside from school board trustees, the lone race in Minto was for the Ward 1 County Council seat. Incumbent candidate David Anderson retained his spot with 1,588 votes to Bert Beilke’s 178.
All results from election night are unofficial, with township officials expected to certify results today.

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