The OPP release statement explaining why a convicted, suspended officer has yet to be dismissed

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Local News

The OPP released a statement March 30th clarifying the matter of a convicted, suspended member.Jason Redmond was charged in November 2015, and subsequently convicted that October. Redmond has been suspended with pay since the charges were laid.The Ontario Police Services Act says officers charged with a criminal offence may only be suspended with pay. For an officer to be suspended without pay, they must be convicted AND be sentenced to a term of incarceration.In this case, Redmond was placed on probation for one year.Following the conviction, the OPP Professional Standards Unit laid charges under the Police Services Act. After a conviction on the PSA charges, the Adjudicator ordered Redmond be dismissed. The OPP also requested any appeal would not automatically stay the conviction and penalty, but the request was denied. The dismissal ruling was immediately appealed by Redmond, meaning he would continue to collect his salary.The appeal is now the subject of a hearing this June.Commissioner Thomas Carrique said, “The OPP has been seeking dismissal of this individual since his initial conviction. This behaviour is unacceptable for any police officer and cannot be tolerated.”In August 2021, the OPP started another investigation into allegations regarding numerous violent offences stemming from 2017. Redmond was arrested and charged on October 15, 2021.Redmond still faces 17 additional serious criminal charges in connection with multiple victims.

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