The “Think Minto First” Fundraiser has surpassed $121,000 in gift certificate Sales

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Local News

The Minto Chamber of Commerce’s “Think Minto First” fundraising program has exceeded $121,000 in gift certificate sales since 2017.The Harriston & District Horticultural Society has been a leading champion of the program, selling $93,868-dollars’ worth since 2017, followed by the Harriston United Church, which has sold $21,647 since 2019. Additionally, several other sports clubs, schools, and groups have made use of the program.Sue Bridge of the Harriston Horticultural Society said, “I would highly recommend this program for groups and organizations looking for a creative way to raise funds while keeping support in our community.”The Minto Chamber of Commerce’s Somer Antonopoulos said, “There arecurrently 31 Minto businesses participants, but we are always encouraging our members to come on board.”If you’re a business or non-profit organization in Minto and want to participate in the program or get more information, visit the Minto Chamber online or email——-

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