The Township of Wellington North’s draft budget for 2023 will be presented at a special council meeting February 27th

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Local News

The 2023 draft budget for the Township of Wellington North will be presented at a special council meeting next Monday February 27th.The guidelines assumed the township continue to provide the same level of service budgeted for last year.There are various corporate-wide cost factors, including the insurance renewal for the municipality increasing 22 per cent.Property assessment for the 2023 tax year remains unchanged, with the valuation of 2016 still in effect.All told, the total levy requirement would increase 7.1 per cent with this budget, which would be an impact to existing taxpayers of 4.82 per cent.This would mean an increase of around $71.If three new Township staff positions are included, it would mean an increase of approximately $115.Council will also be making the first go or no-go decision on the new Mount Forest pool at the meeting.Staff have presented Council with three options, each based on a pool cost of $5.3-million, and a household count across the township of 4,795. Under Option 1, the fundraising committee would be tasked with finding $250,000, with $5.05-million coming from the tax base. Option 2 sees the committee trying to raise $1-million, leaving $4.3 for the taxpayer contribution. Option 3 would see the smallest cost per household at $584, but would require the committee to raise $2.5-million. Under a four-year plan, the taxpayer contribution annually under Option 3 would be $146.Additional meetings on the budget are scheduled for Monday, March 20.

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