Wellington County Economic Development wins award

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Local News

Last Thursday evening, the County of Wellington’s Economic Development Division won the 2023 Economic Developers Council of Ontario Award for Inclusive Community Based Initiatives and Programming for their ‘Wellington Welcomes’ campaign.
The social media campaign, designed to showcase the contributions of newcomers throughout the County, has received acclaim for its authenticity and community support.
‘Wellington Welcomes’ focuses on the stories of twelve residents who are members of newcomer and immigrant communities in Wellington County.
Councilor Jeff Duncan, Chair of the County’s Economic Development Committee, said, “The ‘Wellington Welcomes’ campaign truly embodies the spirit of our communities.”
Anuradha Dam, the Economic Development Project Coordinator responsible for the campaign said, “The overwhelming support and engagement we’ve seen for the #WellingtonWelcomes campaign across our social media channels is heartwarming and demonstrates the power of storytelling in fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.”
The ‘Wellington Welcomes’ campaign, funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship
Canada, reached over 54,000 users across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, garnering over 12,000 engagements and dozens of supportive comments.
During the 2023 EDCO Awards, the County of Wellington’s Ride Well Rural Transit service was
also recognized with an Honorable Mention in the Innovation in Community Resiliency
For more information about the ‘Wellington Welcomes’ campaign and additional details on the County’s other Economic Development initiatives, go online to www.wellington.ca/livework.

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