Young’s pledge $11,550 to Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation

by | Apr 22, 2024 | Local News

Young’s Home Hardware Building Centre in Mount Forest has pledged a donation of $11,550 to the Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation, and it is all tied in to an exciting season of local hockey.

In October 2023, Marty and Joanne Young, owners of Young’s Home Hardware Building Centre, committed to donate $50 for every goal the local Junior C hockey team, the Mount Forest Patriots, scored during their 2023-2024 season. By December, Young’s donation had reached $5,000 and by March, it had reached an incredible $10,000.

In the third round of playoffs in early April, the Patriots ended their season with a grand total of 231 goals scored, for a total donation of $11,550 coming from Young’s Home Hardware Building Centre.

Leading in scoring for the Patriots were two Mount Forest locals; team captain Brody Leblanc, and rookie Matt McLellan. Brody scored a total of 61 goals throughout the regular and post-season, and Matt put up another 34.

The Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation was excitedly watching the goals add up all season long, keeping followers updated with regular posts on their website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages. “This continues to be such a fun and exciting fundraiser in support of the hospital. We have so many hockey fans here in Mount Forest, and it was great to have another reason to celebrate every Patriots goal,” said Amy Van Huss, Development Officer for the Foundation. “This is Young’s second year running this fundraiser, and we could not be more grateful for their generosity and support.”

Over the past two years, Young’s Home Hardware Building Centre has $20,700 through this fundraiser, and they have chosen to fund a number of pieces of equipment with this gift, including: an AED, a Vital Signs monitor, new anesthetic IV pumps, a MediSolutions scanner, and updated furnishings for the inpatient unit. “We have truly enjoyed watching the pot grow this season, and to celebrate the Patriots successes.” said Marty Young, owner of Young’s Home Hardware Building Centre in Mount Forest and Young’s Home Building Centre in Walkerton. 

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